Price Packages in October, October Gardens & Sheikh Zayed

Ultra Super Lux (2.500 EGP )

InsulationHome Smart Cement Insulation Set Modified With Polymers To Prevent Water Leakage Completely For 2 Bathrooms
Plumbing FoundationSupply and installation of foundation raw materials from BR raw materials for nutrition and smart home for drainage (10 years warranty) for 2 bathrooms
Disbursement of adaptationsSupply and installation of smart home materials to make the exchange of adaptations for each point of adaptation in the unit
Plumbing finishingMain bathroom: - Built-in tub unit - Base adjacent to the wall of San Pure - Shower Securit cabin - 2 Ideal Standard Line Slim mixer Guest bathroom: - Saint Pure Rosetta basin and base - 2 Hawaiian mixer Kitchen: Supply and installation of a stainless basin and an ideal standard tree mixer
MarbleSupply and installation of Egyptian granite kitchen marble
Electricity EstablishmentOriginal certified Swedish wires - Magic and Flexible hoses and boxes Mustafa Mahmoud - Venus Sprint panel - Swedish breaker (Himmel) - Shower wire and Italian telephone - Communication panel - Establishing a sound system - Establishing the necessity of cameras
Electric finishingSupply and installation of electrical finishing materials from bits, shashwashes and chassis Sanchi electric finishing (lifetime warranty) according to the customer's choice
Al-MasisSupply and installation of raw materials for the need to make gypsum decoration for the total unit
CarpentrySupply and installation of ceramsupplySupply and installation of original Musky rings + high-quality Musky doors Arrow veneer of the two sides, including hinges, Al-Ahram and Al-Oker, Al-Comics, and paint with esther or Alkihik at a price of (10.000 EGP) for the total unit of Venice or Alfa or Orient or Verde in addition to its raw materials (black cement - white cement - sand - corners (and the workmanship of its installation)
ceramicsSupply and installation of ceramics at a price of (150 EGP) per meter in addition to its raw materials (black cement, white cement, sand, corners) and the workmanship of its installation
Paints2 Savito knife + 3 GLC paste knife + 2 bushing 30 * 30 finished finishing Jotun or Sipes wire + work 2 side decorative gift (velvet)
Gypsum BoardSupply and installation of G-board materials for the work of 90 meters gypsum board for the unit, including LED lighting and LED spots
Armored doorSupply and installation of a Turkish armored door for the unit door
DecorationSupply and installation of an alternative side of wood with a marble alternative in the reception or next to the stainless or gypsum board library or 70 meters with panholes