(Degla Palms packages & similar spaces in October Gardens)

Super Lux ( 115.000 EGP )

InsulationSmart Home cement insulation set modified with polymers to prevent water leakage completely
Plumbing FoundationSupply and installation of foundation raw materials from BR raw materials for nutrition and Smart Home for drainage (10 years warranty)
Disbursement of adaptationsSupply and installation of smart home materials to make the exchange of air conditioners for each air conditioning point in the unit
Plumbing finishingSupply and installation of Sanitary Set San Pure ROSSETA Supply and installation of Hawaiian mixer set imported Supply and installation of tub foundation San Pure for bathroom Supply and installation of stainless steel pot for kitchen
MarbleSupply and installation of Egyptian granite kitchen marble
Electricity EstablishmentAsk you a certified original Swedish - Hoses and Magic and Flexible boxes Mustafa Mahmoud - Venus Sprint Panel - Swedish Breakers (Himmel) - Shower wire and Italian telephone
Electric finishingSupply and installation of electrical finishing materials from bits, shashwashes and chassis Sanchi electric finishing (lifetime warranty) according to the customer's choice
Al-MasisSupply and installation of raw materials for the work of gypsum aesthetic unit
CornicesSupply and installation of raw materials for the work of gypsum cornices aesthetic rooms + Viotech cornices for the kitchen and bathroom
CarpentrySupply and installation of original Musky rings + doors Musky veneer arrow of the two sides carpentry including joints and Koalin pyramids and den Comics and paint Balaster or Allakih
ceramicsSupply and installation of ceramics at a price of (10.000 EGP) for the total unit of Venice or Alfa or Orient or Verde in addition to its raw materials (black cement, white cement, sand, corners) and the workmanship of its installation
Paints2 Savito knife + 3 GLC paste knife + 2 bushing 30 * 30 finished finishing Jotun or Sipes wire + work 2 side decorative gift (velvet)
The doorSupply and installation of high quality wood door for the unit door